I have been riding motorcycles for 32 years and have always dreamed of taking a long road trip, a ride that would require me to cover hundreds of miles just for fun. My dream was made a reality recently thanks to my wonderful girlfriend and partner in crime Angela. We are both lovers of music, so for Christmas I gave her two tickets to a concert in Mesa Arizona called the Experience Hendrix Tour. I purchased the tickets about a month before Christmas and even booked an Airbnb for us to stay close to the venue where the concert was taking place. At the time I pictured us jumping in our very comfortable truck, hitting the highway and taking in the show and coming back home all in a couple of days. I think it was a day or two after Christmas, we were talking about the concert and Angela suggested that we ride our bike to Mesa for the concert. Immediately I loved the idea and because we were a couple of months away from the date of the show I knew we could plan a prepare for a safe and comfortable ride.

We have been riding together for almost two years after Angela bought me the motorcycle as a gift in March of 2015. It is a 2005 Yamaha V Star 1100 Silverado that we came across after friend told us his dad was looking to sell it. The bike had spent most of its life sitting in a garage and only had 7,600 miles when we acquired it. We have put about 14000 miles on it but we still lacked a lot of the gear that would make a long ride safe and comfortable and even though we live in the great climate for riding, it is still winter. So, I went to work on getting us the right gear and started planning our route to get from our home near Truth or Consequences New Mexico to Mesa Arizona.

I have never been much of a planner but I found myself really enjoying the preparation for this ride. After getting us jackets, chaps and bluetooth enabled helmets I felt like we would definitely be comfortable enough, as long as the weather followed the average for our region this time of the year. About a week before our trip I probably checked the weather of our chosen route no less than 4 times a day, I was so excited and nothing short of a blizzard was going to keep us from taking the bike.

This experience has been incredible to say the least and I will get around to writing about the different things that we did and the roads we traveled soon. Riding a motorcycle has always been very relaxing and extremely fun thing for me, I have discovered in the last two years that I love riding more than I ever have. I give a lot of credit to my riding partner, she is always down for a ride no matter what, never complains and makes every ride an adventure no matter how long or short the ride is. I am a blessed man, thank you Angela for an Experience of a lifetime.